About Courtney Jonson, LAc, CGP

Courtney Jonson is a licensed acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner, and certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology) medical nutritionist.

Like so many today working to revolutionize healthcare, Courtney’s mission began when she refused to accept the standard solutions offered to her for her own health challenges.  After discovering how to access her own built-in resources and witnessing in countless others the power of what the human body is capable of, she now has an indomitable will to share what she has learned and the means of access to others.

She stands against the long-term generational repercussions of suppressing symptoms with drugs and, an underdog herself, rises to stick-up for those caught in an outdated healthcare model when other alternative solutions are now evidence-proven.

Her practice exists to empower anyone and everyone to realize their own alignment of innate resources as a daily practice and as a foundation for a balanced life and a rewarding sense of the rapture of being alive.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Experience

  • Licensed Acupuncturist – California State Board
  • Certified GAPS Practitioner
  • Five Seasons Functional Medicine Program Director 
  • Co-Founder:  Lectin Free Keto with Mary Ruddick, CNC
  • Senior Wellness FX Practitioner
  • Educator – Systems that Heal 

Practice Aspirations

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