The Healthcare Revolution

There is a revolution happening in medicine today.  Every year, Americans are spending more out-of-pocket money on medical services outside traditional, insurance-regulated healthcare.  The public is seeking healthcare solutions that can provide them with comprehensive evaluations and non-invasive interventions.  
It is this transformed mindset that sets up the stage for functional medicine and diagnostic technologies which patients seek objective analyses such as lab tests with support that includes nutritional and botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle changes..

Treating the Root Cause

In truth, the body’s systems work in concert, with every organ and system affecting the rest. The functional model of health recognizes that many chronic health conditions can be traced back to the same common root culprit causes: 

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Shocking Growth Rates!

Humans are facing the biggest chronic disease epidemic in human history

Percentage of Adults Suffering From:
Fatigue 43%
Sleep Problems 68%
Digestive Issues 78%
Hormone Imbalance 47%


0 %

Increase In Obesity

0 %

Increase In Depression

0 %

Increase In Autoimmune Disease

Bridging the Gap

functional medicine

Due to modern stressors not known even 50 years ago, patients now face health issues that have not been well defined in classic medical literature including:

  • Environmental toxins
  • Dietary excesses of sugars and carbohydrates
  • GMO’s
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Microbial challenges including viruses, parasites, bacteria, and more.   

Due to these stressors, we acknowledge that chronic disease tends to be preceded by a lengthy period of declining function in one or more of the body’s systems.  Those dysfunctions are, for each of us, the result of lifelong interactions among our environment, lifestyle, and genetic predispositions.

Instead of the top-down approach of managing symptoms with a drug, the functional medicine focus is to address and remove root stressors underlying mechanisms that are causing the dysfunction.n

21st Century Medicine


Medicine likes to break the human body into separate components to be treated.  Hormones, the immune system, digestive function, and brain health are a tightly woven, interdependent matrix.   Simple metabolic assessment forms and early detection and screening laboratory services are available to us to paint a more accurate picture of your health in degrees of grey.

The functional medicine approach focuses on systems-based nutrition, gut repair, metabolic reconditioning, detoxification, therapeutic dietary changes and lifestyle modification.


Address the Root, Learn the Keys, Live the Solution

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