The Healthcare Revolution

There is a revolution happening in medicine today. Every year, Americans are spending more out-of-pocket money on medical services outside traditional, insurance-regulated healthcare.  The public is seeking healthcare solutions that can provide them with comprehensive evaluations and non-invasive interventions.  
It is this transformed mindset that sets up the stage for functional medicine and diagnostic technologies which patients seek objective analyses such as lab tests with support that includes nutritional and botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle changes..
Medicine likes to break the human body into separate components to be treated.  Hormones, the immune system, digestive function, and brain health are a tightly woven, interdependent matrix.   

Simple metabolic assessment forms and early detection and screening laboratory services are available to us to paint a more accurate picture of your health in degrees of grey.

The functional medicine approach focuses on systems-based nutrition, gut repair, metabolic reconditioning, detoxification, therapeutic dietary changes and lifestyle modification.


Treating the Root Cause

In truth, the body’s systems work in concert, with every organ and system affecting the rest. The functional model of health recognizes that many chronic health conditions can be traced back to the same common root culprit causes: 


Get Better Results with a Proven System and the Knowledge of Why

Shocking Growth Rates!

Humans are facing the biggest chronic disease epidemic in human history

Percentage of Adults Suffering From:
Fatigue 43%
Sleep Problems 68%
Digestive Issues 78%
Hormone Imbalance 47%


0 %

Increase In Diabetes

0 %

Increase In Depression

0 %

Increase In Autoimmune Disease

Bridging the Gap

21st Century Medicine

About Courtney

Courtney Jonson is a licensed acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner, and certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology) medical nutritionist.

Like so many today working to revolutionize healthcare, Courtney’s mission began when she refused to accept the standard solutions offered to her for her own health challenges.  After discovering how to access her own built-in resources and witnessing in countless others the power of what the human body is capable of, she now has an indomitable will to share what she has learned and the means of access to others.

She stands against the long-term generational repercussions of suppressing symptoms with drugs and, an underdog herself, rises to stick-up for those caught in an outdated healthcare model when other alternative solutions are now evidence-proven.

Her practice exists to empower anyone and everyone to realize their own alignment of innate resources as a daily practice and as a foundation for a balanced life and a rewarding sense of the rapture of being alive.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Experience

  • Licensed Acupuncturist – California State Board
  • Certified GAPS Practitioner
  • Five Seasons Functional Medicine Program Director 
  • Co-Founder:  Lectin Free Keto with Mary Ruddick, CNC
  • Senior Wellness FX Practitioner
  • Educator – Systems that Heal 

Practice Aspirations

A Different Solution

Address the Root, Learn the Keys, Live the Solution

Heal Your


Balance Your






Build Stress


Restore Your


Your First Step Welcome and I'm glad you're here and happy you've found me! Our practice is fully operational and run through our online video platform.

Courtney Jonson


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