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All diseases begin in the gut...

Hippocrates - 460-370 BC

What Is GAPS?

Dr. Natasha McBride, MD is leading an international movement to offer hope and a clear path to recovery for the epidemic of modern day chronic conditions and syndromes. She has coined the root cause of these conditions as GAPS.

  • GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome & Gut and Physiology Syndrome

What Does GAPS Look Like?


Learning Problems
Behavioral Problems
Social Problems


Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders

Gut and Physiology Syndrome

What is GAPS?

What Has Gone Wrong and GAPS Treatment

The treatment of GAPS recognizes and acknowledges that the epidemic of chronic conditions in our modern world can be traced back to injury to our digestion system.   

Three Components of the GAP Nutrition Protocol







GAPS Spectrum

Every GAPS person is an individual with his or her own unique constitution and individual set of circumstances.  For GAPS people, healing the gut has to come first. 
Other treatments, such as chelating toxic metals, anti-parasitic treatments, infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygenation, acupuncture, naturapathic & chiropractic treatments, etc can certainly be very helpful, but without the foundation of the GAPS Nutritional Protocol, these treatments can be expensive and non-productive.
The first step is to lay a good foundation for recovery with the GAPS Nutritional Protocol.  

The following represents a list of the various ways GAPS can be modified and customized based on individual needs:




Step # 1: Complimentary Phone Consultation

This provides us a chance to get to know you, hear your story and understand if we thought we could help you. This also gives you a chance to ask your questions and get a feel for the nature of our practice.

Step # 2: Onboarding Assessment and Comprehensive BioScreen

A comprehensive blood test and a metabolic assessment is an important step in your case review process. These provide essential objective and subjective baselines to prioritize your treatment plan

Step # 3: Initial Case Review Consultation

Together we will review the findings of your labs and design a customized GAPS Nutrition Treatment Plan for you. You will be given instructions regarding your dietary strategy, a meal plan with recipes, and suggestions for supplement and lifestyle changes.

Step # 4: Educate and Treat

You will have access to our online GAPS BootCamp Platform. Here you will find helpful how-to learning videos and meal inspiration ideas from our recipe index.

Step # 5: Re-Evaluate

To ensure your progress, we will use follow-up diagnostic markers and measurements to track the therapeutic value of our treatment plan.

Our Repair & Clear Program

Supported by our Certified GAPS Practitioner & our Certified GAPS Coach

Our VIP Program has been designed to save time and money in the long run by providing you the necessary 1-on-1 time to support the dietary transition, modify your treatment plan, and learn lifestyle skills fundamental in developing the foundation for your health and self-care.

In contrast to the impersonal 7-min doctor appointment, sequential 30 minute follow-up sessions scheduled weekly allow for us to push through resistant blocks that can get in the way of fully transitioning into your GAPS treatment plan.

Take the first step today, schedule your complimentary phone consultation.

In addition to our GAPS BootCamp Platform, our VIP Program includes:

Take the first step today, schedule your complimentary phone consultation.

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