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Have you ever spent 45 minutes in a doctor’s waiting room, and then 5 minutes with the doctor only to be told that all your labs are normal, and there’s nothing wrong with you?

Well, this was my story too.

When I graduated college, I was 20 lbs overweight (I’m only 5’3”), severely anemic, hypoglycemic, tired, and depressed.  I went from doctor to doctor only to be told that all my bloodwork was in range and there was nothing wrong.

I just couldn’t accept that.  If I knew anything, I knew there was something wrong. That’s when I started looking outside conventional medicine and found refuge studying under the pioneers of functional medicine.  This is also when I started getting better.

Simply put, functional medicine gives you a chance to look at how your body’s core systems are functioning at the root level presently as opposed to focusing (and waiting) on diagnosing a disease only to warrant the proposal of a prescriptive drug, or even worse, surgery.

My Style of Practice…   My programs and services are designed and best suited for those who suffer from chronic health issues and are ready and willing to both look at and make changes in their diet and lifestyle habits.  My practice is also suitable for passionate people who are looking for ways to age gracefully,  placing value in proactive health care.

My mission is to educate my patients for the purpose of empowering them to take control over and own their own health.

Special Dedication

I dedicate my practice to my mother’s memory.

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