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Systems Based Health Care Model

Instead of dominating over physiology to mask symptoms with drugs, the functional medicine model works to identify and address the root cause of a health complaint or condition.  Furthermore, this approach acknowledges that it takes years, if not decades, of declining physiology and “subclinical symptoms” to warrant a diagnosis – leaving patients feeling unwell, unvalidated, and confused.


Understanding nutrient rich foods and optimal macro-nutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) is the foundation for utilizing your diet for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.  This is a priority and a first step for all new patients.

Insulin, cortisol, thyroid hormones, adrenaline, norepinephrine, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone…the list goes on – all these hormones work better when cells have receptivity for them and sensitivity to them.  This requires a systems based insurance plan that includes healthy gut flora, a healthy detox system, an educated immune response, a nourishing diet and a calm nervous system.

Healing and sealing the gut wall and correcting the balance of the gut flora is foundational for your long term health.  We must be vigilant in removing modern day factors (processed carbohydrates, antibiotics, sugar, toxins, etc) to rebuild the defense system our gut requires.

Our bodies, especially our liver, does a tremendous job of being able to detoxify and rid unwanted substances from the body.  Learning to both decrease our toxic burden (both internally and externally) while simultaneously supporting our ability to detox and clear is a priority in our care model.

Your mind and brain is there to protect you.  It has learned to think and behave in ways that ensure your survival.  This is normal.  However, learning to listen to your heart and reunite with your spirit helps to control an overactive mind, helps to buffer stress and offers you a state of inner peace.  


Functional Lab Evaluations

Functional diagnostic assessments offer you an objective picture of your health in degrees of gray, not merely a story told in black and white.  Modern technology offers tests to assess important markers such as the status of your gut microbiome, your thyroid and hormones, your immune function, as well as important metabolic markers such as glucose, insulin, inflammation, RBCs, WBCs, and others.    

Personalized Labs

Functional blood chemistry analysis offers you a reporting score that considers a more optimal, functional range in addition to the standard laboratory range.

There are many helpful markers in a stool evaluation that can help personalize your care.  A look at your gut flora, absorption capacity, gut wall integrity, and infections can be a helpful baseline to evaluate the effectiveness of your care.

Autoimmunity is the result of an inappropriate immune response to your self tissue.  Understanding the environmental factors that contribute to the inflammatory storm as well as healing the gut wall are central to the healing and reversal of autoimmune symptoms and conditions. 

The four pillars required for healthy hormone balance includes blood sugar regulation, fatty acid metabolism, gut health, and adequate detoxification.  Unfortunately, functional hormone disorders are very common – including low thyroid, low sex hormones, and low energy.  Functional hormone testing can be helpful is understanding and revealing individualized needs.  

Mold, glyphosate, environmental chemicals including heavy metals, parabens, and BPAs can add to one’s toxic burden.  This hidden exposures can be the missing link in one’s healing.


Targeted Supplementation

Nutritional deficiencies, in time, will be restored when proper diet, absorption, gut function and healthy hormone metabolism have a chance to take effect.   Targeted nutritional supplementation can help accelerate and repair damage from years of metabolic damage.  Together with a therapeutic diet and lifestyle, supplementation can further facilitate the healing response during the clinical intervention and may not be needed longterm.  


Different tools for different jobs

There are dozens of therapeutic diets on the scene today, and there is good reasons and justifications for each of them.  The trick is to match up the right diet with the right job.  The paleo diet, the ketogenic diet, the GAPS diet, the specific carbohydrate diet are all excellent examples of how to strategize dietary guidelines to yield a therapeutic response.  However, a careful case review is the first important step in understanding what diet is right for you.  And, keep in mind, this might (and probably will) change over time. 

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