Is it your Thyroid or your Immune System?

Is this you?


  • Tired, sluggish
  • Feel cold – hands, feet, all over
  • Require excessive amounts of sleep to function properly
  • Increase in weight gain even with low-calorie diet
  • Gain weight easily
  • Difficult, infrequent bowel movements
  • Depression, lack of motivation
  • Outer third of eyebrow thins
  • Hair thinning
  • Dryness of skin and/or scalp
  • Mental sluggishness

Symptoms of low thyroid plague our society.  Unfortunately, in our current healthcare system, one needs to either be diagnosed with clinical hypo or hyperthyroidism in order to warrant treatment; and yet often times, thyroid hormones fail at providing support to the patient.

Incidence of Hypothyroidism in the U.S

in 2001: 1.75 million
in 2009: 5-9 million
in 2014: 20 million


Thyroid – Your Central Gear

Think of the thyroid as the central gear in a sophisticated engine – if that gear breaks, the entire engine goes down with it.  Every cell in the body has receptors for thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for the most basic aspects of body function – directly acts on the brain, the G.I. tract, the CV system, bone metabolism, RBC metabolism, gall bladder and liver function, glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, and your body temperature.  Did you know that Levothyroxine is the 4th highest selling drug in the US?

If you suffer from hypothyroid symptoms, it is important that you learn:

  • The right thyroid markers to order and how to read them.
  • Why eating gluten (and other common foods) will prevent you from getting better.
  • How to identify and address the six most common patterns of low thyroid function that do not show up on your standard blood test.
  • The role of the pituitary gland, adrenal function, hormones, gut health as it pertains to the health of your thyroid gland.
  • For 90% of Americans, hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease?
  • Thyroid replacements–Synthroid, Armour, Cytomel–may normalize TSH, but they do not manage the autoimmune disease symptoms?
  • You should avoid gluten strictly—studies link gluten intolerance with Hashimoto’s?
  • Pituitary function plays a role in underactive thyroid symptoms?
  • Adrenal function plays a role in underactive thyroid symptoms?

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