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Most of my clients are women between the ages of 35-65, who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism but still have symptoms despite being on thyroid medications.  It is also common that these same women have been caught up in the pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome storm and simply need a plan to address both patterns, unwind the inflammation and bring the blood sugar back in balance.  

But that’s now all I do…

I help people with multiple symptoms coming from multiple systems such autoimmunity, weight loss issues, gut problems, sleep problems, low energy and low mood.

You might be wondering…”How on earth can one doc, or one approach, address ALL of these things?  “Don’t I need a specialist in each category?”

And the answer is…maybe, but probably not.

Autoimmune Conditions

Weight Loss Resistance

Gut Complaints

How I Help

So, while it is POSSIBLE to have a dozen different, independent problems that all need their own specialist, it is far more probable that when everything seems to have hit the fan, you likely have just a few things messing up that master control system.

And to be honest, my successes have less to do with me and more to do with the innate wisdom your body has been designed with.

Medicine likes to break the human body into separate components to be treated.  Hormones, the immune system, digestive function, and brain health are a tightly woven, interdependent matrix.  

You see, every single system and function in your body is controlled by something called the Neuro-Endocrine-Immune (NEI) Axis…which is a fancy way of saying how your brain, your hormones, and your immune system work to control it all.  

Energy Issues

Depression, Stress & Anxiety


Good News!

The reality is that the main things that interfere with your brain also interfere with your hormones and your immune system.  And because those three are so tightly linked together, if you have an imbalance in one, it WILL likely affect the other two in some degree.

  • Would you like a better brain?  Make sure your hormones and immune system are healthy.
  • Would you like better hormone balance?  Make sure your brain and your immune system are healthy.
  • Would you like a balanced and controlled immune system?  Make sure your brain and hormones are healthy.

Simple, yet often overlooked, especially by the conventional medical system which is designed to look at you like pieces and parts, and not a whole person where everything is connected to everything else.

Discover Epi-Genetic Health Recovery & Prevention

We can now prevent many of today's chronic conditions by addressing their root cause: our daily habits. Diet and lifestyle strategies are "change agents" and directly affect how genes express themselves. "The findings are in: high risk genes with low risk lifestyle reduces risk of chronic disease by 50%." - Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Founder of Functional Medicine​

Removing Common Environmental Root Causes

Functional medicine is a model of care that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of chronic health complaints. The usual suspects include blood sugar imbalances, environmental triggers, stress chemistry, gut flora toxicity, and chronic inflammation.

The Cosmic Joke

Humans are facing the biggest epidemic in human history. We can't buy ourselves out of this...we have never been able to recreate a single cell. Mother Nature is simply smarter than us. We must work in concert with our body's intelligence if we are going to sustain our evolution.

How We're



We Spend More Time


We Look at Your Labs in Degrees of Grey

To most docs, lab results are unrelated “data points” that point to either drugs or surgery. Not us. We know all lab tests tell a story – the story of your metabolic state, or your general physiology. So we interpret functional ranges to reveal patterns, because everything is interconnected. The result is a perspective of how your whole body works, not just a small part of it.

We Set Your Plan & Execute It

Most doctors grope from visit to visit trying to figure out what to do, and they tend to space their visits out too far to keep track of anything. That makes it hard to have any real strategy or plan. Our personalized programs start with intensive data gathering and review, then we lay out a strategy ahead of time and follow that plan – so we know what we’re doing, and why, at all times.

We’re Flexible When Needed

Just because we set a plan doesn’t mean we can’t modify it. Part of being strategic and successful is knowing when to change things up.

That’s why we schedule frequent follow ups to stay on top of things and make changes when we need to.

Plus, all of my clients have direct access to me on our designated APP between consults when they need to connect.

It’s a new way of doing things.

We Come to You (well, not really)

All of our consultations are handled virtually, using cutting-edge online meeting software, so we can work with you wherever you are. In fact, we were virtual long before virtual became cool.

So there’s no need to get all gussied up and battle traffic across town, or fly in from out of state, or another country. That saves you time and it’s awfully convenient.

Functional Medicine

Because we know that the body’s systems work in concert, with every organ and system affecting the rest, treatment plans have been designed to create a “systemic” response at the systems level.  

The way our immune cells, hormone cells and neurotransmitters communicate is a direct reflection of our ability to maintain homeostasis….for better or for worse.

The most common root mechanism (pattern) that disrupts  this process is the lack of tolerance to environmental stress triggers.  

Therefore, treatment plans focus on identifying and removing as many environmental stressors as possible in order to positively support the regulation of the NEI network.  

The good news is that it is our natural state to maintain homeostasis.  Illness is simply a reflection of our stray away from natural law.   


Are we talking

the same language?

If you’ve been around the block with too many doctors…then you know that sometimes what you’re looking for is not what a doctor does.  And nothing is more frustrating than wanting your doctor to improve your health when they are just focused on finding and managing a disease.

That’s why I am transparent about what I do, what I don’t do, and what you can expect from either a pre-consult or an initial consultation.

If it makes sense for us to work together,  I’ll map out your personalized program for you so that you always know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what comes next.

Not many doctors do that.

Balance Blood Sugar

When we lose our ability to connect insulin to our cells to deliver the blood sugar, we end up storing that blood sugar as fat (stored energy). Learning to balance our sugar is key.

Detoxify the Body

Everyone has a "toxic burden." It's difficult to live a life free of exposure to environmental toxins. The name of the game and our first line of defense is to minimize our exposure to toxins while supporting our detox system.

Reduce Inflammation

A simple, structured meal plan will include the necessary nutrients to generate new cells while eliminating the common culprit food triggers known to cause inflammation in the body.

Burn up Unhealthy Fat Stores

Excess weight is usually a stored energy battle. This means the body loses its natural ability to burn up the provided fuel, and in a state of energy & hormonal crisis, compensates by storing these calories as fat. Autophagy is a self-healing switch that works to breakdown and recycle old, damaged cells in order to make new cells, particularly stem cells.

Return to Rested State

Our nervous system has two is known as the sympathetic state (fight/flight), and the other is the parsympathetic state (rest/digest). The body will renew itself when in its dominant parasympathetic state.

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Path #2: The Initial Consultation

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