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Healing from chronic conditions like autoimmunity, metabolic syndrome, and hormone imbalances takes partnership, time, structure, and focus.  This type of collaborative effort is essential to the process. It’s an honor to be recognized for the work I do, and there’s no greater endorsement than that of someone I’ve helped along the way.

Courtney Jonson, LAc.
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Courtney has been a life changer and a lifesaver. She turned things around for me in a matter of weeks. I can't express how fortunate I was to find her (thanks yelp!) I've tried many doctors and alternative methods, but none got even close to resolving my health issues. Even though I was fairly active, ate fairly cleanly and no junk food and sodas, I still developed a 'handful' of issues. My journey to find a solution was a long one, as it all went downhill in my early twenties and took about 10 years to find Courtney. When my first blood results came back, I couldn't believe what I saw, after all these years of being in the dark. If I gave up any sooner or gave in to the western doctors and their prescriptions I may not have ever found out the truth and probably would just have been miserable and helpless for decades to come. Sometimes it pays to be stubborn! Since my epiphany with Courtney, I've referred friends and family and have been spreading the good word with every opportunity I get.

Courtney Jonson has been a part of my life for over a decade. I first went to her with energy and sleep issues while being a young mom and she quickly turned these things around after testing hormone levels and gut with great testing. She taught me about nutrition, anti inflammatory foods and the wave of the future: functional testing and functional medicine. When I went into a major health crisis years later, she was by my side testing once again what mainstream doctors refused to even look at. She never gave up on me nor did she ever give up hope. Courtney was, and still is , way ahead of the game: she uses labs that are now considered more mainstream than not and protocols that will help you get back to the best " you". Hormonal balancing, gut issues, food allergies which you may not even realize you have, adrenal or stress issues, are some of the basics but digging deeper into the causes behind your issues vs just slapping a band aid on a symptom is what Courtney is an expert on. She is super knowledgeable, direct and no nonsense  but will guide you gently every step of the way back to good health.

I found Courtney at a very challenging period of my life--life threatening surgery for intestinal issues, followed by an aggressive walk out divorce while I was recovering. While I've alway worked out and tried to eat "healthy". Courtneys structured and scientific approach to my diet ( and my life) has changed me immensely. Although I have always been thin/athletically but--I have seem immense improvements in my build, how I feel, energy etc. Lastly her changes are easy to adopt and follow--not some crazy fad... I will follow for rest of my life

Hello, Reader. While I have not got ok from my Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and that battle continues, the one person who helped me learn what my problem was, is Courtney. I have been to a host of Doctors, and Nutritionists and all of them played a role in my depleted bank balance and my health. It was Courtney (while we didn't get to work together because of mandatory meat eating for a cure - and I am a vegetarian) who looked at a picture of my stomach, listened to my symptoms and laid it out in front of me that I had SIBO. Courtney didn't charge me a dime, she just looked at my bloated stomach photo and after hearing my problem told me that I had SIBO. It took years of frustration (a host of doctors, and tens of thousands of dollars spent) before someone could even tell me what was my problem. All the famed doctors and nutritionists I saw before Courtney were clueless. I am making slow progress in my recovery from SIBO. But for learning what my problem to begin with was and not having paid a cent for it - I cannot be grateful enough to Courtney. God Bless you, my friend .

I have worked with Courtney for 4 months and have enjoyed every session with her. She is knowledgeable of her subject matter and understanding of what it takes to change behavior to improve your health . My results have exceeded my expectations. I have lost weight and feel so much better overall. And the best part is that Courtney has given me knowledge.... so now I can make the right choices to maintain my health the rest of my life! Courtney supports you through this journey to get healthy! She is a great coach/partner and holds you to the goals that you mutually set. Overall I am much healthier than I was at the beginning of the process. I would recommend Courtney, IF you are serious about your health and want to become healthier. She is amazing!

Courtney Jonson has my highest recommendation.  As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, she is looking for the root cause unlike Western Medicine which treats symptoms with prescription medications.  She takes the time to look at the whole picture including sleep, stress, diet, exercise, etc. along with lab testing results.  With her extraordinary knowledge and experience, Courtney will guide you to a new level of health and wellness.  In just a few weeks of working with her I am off all prescription meds, am feeling great with lots of energy, and am losing weight.  I'm so grateful for all the support I receive from this amazing woman.

I never post reviews. Not ever. But, I felt compelled to do this one because Courtney was able to help me solve a medical issue which had bothered me for over a year. I developed an allergic reaction in my esophagus know to the medical community as eosinophilic esophagitis. Very tough to treat and certainly cure, it is treated for most adults with topical steroids in combination with heart-burn related meds. Treated by an allergist, I did both for about 9 months but could not solve the problem. With the next step being a food elimination diet (very tough for those of us eating everything at will), I was recommended to Courtney and Five Seasons Functional Medicine by a friend (not a doctor).

Given my reliance upon doctors throughout my life, I was skeptical but decided to see her. She understood the problem immediately, thought she could help, but also asked for a time commitment of a few months. I agreed reluctantly, but also thought that everything she said made total sense. Mainly, that the immune system is controlled by the gut and, most importantly, what you eat. And, that my problem was potentially related to inflammation in my body due to my inability to process certain food types.

Long story short, I followed her program religiously. It started with pure paleo and supplements... which was impossibly hard for me. I lost weight initially, but we made adjustments and within three weeks on the diet, the pain in my esophagus subsided.. .completely. I was shocked after having lived with pain upon every swallow for almost a year. And, I became a believer in functional medicine, a first for me.
It has been four months now, and I have still have no pain. I am off all supplements, but continue gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free (fruit of all types is fine). I am adding certainly foods back in selectively, but monitor this so I know how to readjust if the condition resurfaces. I feel better, think better and sleep better, and truly believe that inflammation is the cause of many of our health problems, and can be mitigated through proper diet and the avoidance of certain food types. If you have a gut-related problem or inflammation in your body of any kind (we all have this, and it most likely leads to heart disease and many other ailments), I would highly recommend a consultation with Courtney Jonson at Five Seasons in Portola Valley.

I was first introduced to Courtney Jonson through a coworker. I am very interested in alternative medicine for prevention and wellness, so I was eager to attend the presentation she gave in my office. The information was clearly presented and very informative, she kept everything simple and explained thoroughly. What I truly appreciated was the passion and devotion Courtney has to her work. She lives this program, and she is a testament to how well it works. My husband also decided to join me in the program, he has extremely high cholesterol and our primary goal was to bring it under control. The menu of anti-inflammatory foods was satisfying and the recipes were delicious. Everything was very simple to follow with the binder, and there were only a few supplements to incorporate. Never did we feel deprived, we were pleasantly surprised that we had few cravings and giving up foods we were once addicted to (coffee, sugar, wheat) was easy. What we didn't expect is how amazing we would feel once we cut the addicting foods out! Even though we were a bit more tired on the cleanse/detox, we felt much more content after our meals and our energy level was strong throughout the day. My husband used to experience extreme digestive pain after eating, and after 4 days on this plan, the pain went away! We look forward to the next one and have made this a lifestyle change we are sticking with. He did the blood analysis which was so thorough, much more so than when he had his doctor review it recently. She was able to let him know what was affecting what, what was related to what, it made perfect sense! We are looking forward to getting his blood work done again in a few months to see the difference it has made in his cholesterol.

In a nutshell, I started working with Courtney in February 2014, mostly for muscle pain and in the process discovered how my thyroid and gut health all were out of balance. She helped me regain my health, feel more energetic and as a nice side bonus lose over 20 lbs. I highly recommend her as a functional medicine practitioner!

And for those who are interested, here's the longer version of my story.

I first discovered Courtney in 2010 when I did a search for "best nutritionists in the Bay Area." I had expected to drive to SF, so imagine my happy surprise when I found that her office was conveniently located in Portola Valley. Not only did Courtney exceed my expectations as a nutritionist, I found that her background in TCM and functional medicine set her far apart from other practitioners. Courtney educates and empowers her patients in a very supportive way. She helped me to identify my food triggers and imbalances, and then coached me in how to re-establish balance and optimal health. If you are looking to get to the root cause of what is happening in your body, and you are willing to do the work to help yourself heal and thrive, Courtney should be top of your care team.

Before I was introduced to functional medicine treatment I really had no idea what it was.  I was introduced to Courtney through my mother who also needed to see her for internal repair.  As a professional athlete I had no time (nor patience) for the stomach pain and problems breathing that I was experiencing. I would take 1 or 2 bites of any given food and I would be left gasping for breath and finally just wanted to stop eating. I had lost strength, drive, and energy to workout and perform everyday, and I slept a ton!  Courtney's treatment helped me repair my stomach so that I could regain strength and energy.  She took all the time with me me that I needed until I understood the treatment solutions, and she never forced anything on me I didn't feel comfortable with. I feel so much better knowing that my body has been healed from the inside out.

In grappling with the challenges of food intolerances and digestive issues, I've consulted numerous traditionally-trained medical doctors, who have been useful in ordering tests which reveal problems, but have done nothing to solve those problems.  Courtney's approach has addressed the root of my problems, and is allowing me to restore wellness systemically.  With Courtney's help, I've experienced big improvements in my health and am feeling much better!  Her insights and guidance have been much more valuable than any of my MDs.

Courtney has put me on the track to saving my life. I have tried every diet know to mankind and sometimes more than twice. After spending some time with her going over my health issues, because I am also a type 2 Diabetic, she has turned my life around. In 7 short weeks following her Clean Living plan I have lost my cravings for everything bad I ever ate from fast food to gooey desserts. I have lost 20lbs and I have no intention to go back to that way of living or rather dying. I eat more than ever but just the right food, natural, raw, and fresh. I thank her everyday, and four of my friends are now following her plan and adding years to their life. I thank you Courtney for saving my life, I am on my way to reversing my Diabetes.

Courtney Jonson knows health and wellness, functional medicine and patient care better than any doctor I have experienced.  And Courtney's devotion to her patients is extraordinary!  Her knowledge of the human body from both Chinese Medicine and Western Traditional Medicine is unique among health care practitioners.  She has experience, knowledge and training across multiple disciplines.  Most importantly, when other doctors lose interest in your case Courtney will devote herself to your care.  Courtney Jonson is simply the best in helping you heal yourself!

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