Functional Medicine is also known as Systems Medicine because treatment focuses on healing your Systems Biology.

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Discover Epigenetic Reprogramming – a Path to Extend Life.  Diet and Lifestyle strategies are “change agents”  and directly affect how genes express themselves.  The findings are in:  high risk genes w/ low risk lifestyle reduces risk of chronic disease by 50%!
Every person is an individual with his or her own unique constitution and individual set of circumstances.  
For most people, shifting the microbiome (gut flora) will be one of the most instrumental treatment outcomes and benefits received.

Different Tools for Different Jobs

What diet should I follow?  A careful case review is the first step in understanding what diet is right for you.  Keep in mind, this is situational based on the current state of your gut health.  Your ideal diet might (and probably will) change over time. 

Dietary Spectrum

The science and practice of  personalized nutrition involves learning to identify specific underlying factors such as one’s health history, one’s inherited microbiome, environmental triggers, food reactions, genetics, and biochemistry.   Dietary guidelines very much depend on when one’s microbiome (gut flora).  What might be right for one isn’t always right for another.     

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All new patients are encouraged to schedule a complimentary meet & greet phone consult prior to scheduling the initial consultation.

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