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functional diagnostics

LabCorp Comprehensive Blood Test

Is it time for a comprehensive case review?  Feel free to sign up here, and  I’ll be in touch with your requisition for LabCorp.

Nutritional Support

Support Your Diet & Lifestyle

Nutritional deficiencies, in time, will be restored when proper diet, absorption, gut function and healthy hormone metabolism have a chance to take effect.   Targeted nutritional supplementation can help accelerate and repair damage from years of metabolic damage.  Together with a therapeutic diet and lifestyle, supplementation can further facilitate the healing response during both the clinical intervention and preventative phases of treatment.

Self Study Courses

Education is Empowerment

Learn the Keys

Functional Medicine Foundations

Course Intro
Key #1:  Balance Your Blood Sugar
Key #2:  Heal Your Gut
Key #3:  Live a Detox Lifestyle
Next Steps

Lectin Free Keto

Autoimmune Masterclass

Course Intro
Module #1:  Switch over to Ketosis
Module #2:  Shift your Gut Microbiome
Module #3:  Feed Your Hormone System
Module #4:  Support Your Detox System
Module #5:  Regulate Your Nervous System

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